Installation Instruction for Universal Bosch Oxygen Sensor

In the installation manual you can find information around oxygen sensor installation, reference, color, sensor, wire, connector, and installation. This installation manual presents explanation around wire color reference, type, wire color, sensor wire, oxygen sensor wiring, oxygen sensor, and universal oxygen sensor.

There are many information related to sensor installation, seals, sensor wiring, color reference, oxygen, lock connector, and sensor connector are described in this installation manual. Here are taken from the installation manual:

The vehicle manufacturer has deemed this to be a suitable environment for a connection and it is recommended that the universal connector be installed close to the OE Sensor connection point if possible. Also note the routing of the OE Sensor to ensure the Bosch Universal Oxygen Sensor is routed the same way. Do not cut the wiring while removing the OE Sensor from the vehicle, as it is necessary to utilize a portion of this wiring on the Bosch Universal Oxygen Sensor.

Even more, this installation manual presents discussion about wire seals, connector body, harness, fuel contamination, wiring, and color reference table.

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