Installation Manual for 45BRD Analog Laser Sensor

This installation manual presents things regarding measurement, laser sensor, class, and measuring range. Inside this installation manual the reader can learn explanation about analog, resolution, range, and red.

Many discussion regarding sensor, analog output, self contained, and visible red class are described inside the installation manual. The following are some excerpt from this installation manual:

The 45BRD analog output sensor is a Class 2 visible red laser sensor that provides exceptional resolution at an economical cost. This sensor utilizes the triangulation principle for precise measurement and has a small beam spot for small part detection and measurement. The sensor is completely self-contained in an IP 67 enclosure and does not require any external control devices which add cost and require additional mounting space. Spot Size Sensing Range Measuring Range Linearity The 45BRD can be easily set up by mounting the sensor such that the target is within the operating range of the sensor.

Giving more content, this installation manual explains more about laser, output, and 45brd.

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