Installation Manual for Speed Sensor

Many information around sensor port, speed, and motor are explained inside this installation manual. In the installation manual you can learn information such as speed sensor, speed sensor body, and the motor shaft.

This installation manual contains explanation around motor shaft, speed sensor port, and sensor body. These are excerpted from this installation manual:

Hydraulics Division Glenrothes, Fife Scotland, KY7 4NW Telephone 01-592-771-771 Fax 01-592-773-184 Speed Sensor Body Alignment Nut Lock Nut Copyright Eaton Corporation, 1997 All Rights Reserved Printed in USA Washer O-ring Speed Sensor Port Figure 1 Figure 2 Housing Gear/Target Tooth Alignment Notch Alignment Notch Figure 3 Alignment Notchs Perpendicular to Centerline of Motor 90° Back out Figure 4 ft Sha ith tor el w of Mo ll Para erline ent C Alignment Nut 9/16 inch Hex Head Lock Nut 11/16 inch Hex Head Alignment Notch

Even more, the installation manual gives the reader information things like sensor, and the speed sensor.

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