Installation Manual for Turbo Speed Sensor Kit

The installation manual contains things about the speed sensor, pressure, signal, and sensor signal. In this installation manual we can get description around pressure ratio, wiring, the sensor output, and speed sensor.

Lots of info related to data, input frequency, sensor output, and turbo speed sensor are explained in the installation manual. The following are grabbed from this installation manual:

Turbo Speed Sensor Kit Bill of Materials & Precautions Part Numbers: 781328-0001: Street Kit 781328-0002: Pro Kit Application: All Catalog Garrett GT Turbos Parts List Item Tools Needed Qty. Description • 10mm open-end wrench • Wire cutters / crimpers 1 Speed sensor 769366-0001 1 2 Spacer block 1 3 Layout (machining drawing) 776243 1 4 Installation Instructions 1 5 M4 x 0.70 x 18mm screw 1 • 6mm wrench or socket for gauge bracket 6 M4 x 0.70 x 20mm screw 1 • Wrench(es) to remove compressor housing and turbo if 7 M4 x 0.70 x 22mm screw 1 8 Main Wiring Harness 778178-0001 1 9 Power / Logger Pigtail 778178-0002 1 10 Gauge 1 11 Gauge Extension Harness 778178-0003 1 Table of Contents Section Page General Installation Instructions 5 Section A: STREET KIT WITH GAUGE ONLY • Heat-shrink or electrical tape • 20-gauge connectors for 12V power and ground • Zip-ties to secure wiring harness necessary • NOTE: Bolt and fastener sizes may

Even more, the installation manual gives the reader information such as sensor, airflow, and speed.

Download Installation Manual for Turbo Speed Sensor Kit pdf
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