Installation Manual for Universal O2 Simulator

This installation manual contains discussion like sensor signal, recommendation, and sensor simulator. Inside the installation manual the reader can get things related to oxygen sensor, sensor, and oxygen sensor signal.

Lots of information related to oxygen, simulator, and insulation are explained in the installation manual. The following are grabbed from the installation manual:

Universal O2 Sensor Simulator Oxygen Sensor Simulator (o2sim) can be used to avoid “Check Engine” light when catalytic convert is gutted or removed for off-road (racing) use. Cut (do not just splice) the o2 sensor Signal wire and connect the car end (not the side goes to the sensor ) to o2 simulator White wire. Recommendation: (1 of 2)1/7/2007 7:02:02 PM Universal O2 Sensor Simulator connect wires by using insulated crimps or soldering and using appropriate insulation, electrical tape or heatshrinking tubing.

Even more, the installation manual presents info about signal, electrical tape, and o2 sensor simulator.

Download Installation Manual for Universal O2 Simulator pdf
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