Installlation Manual for GPS Speed Sensor

In this installation manual the reader can get info around radar, signal, speed sensor, and sensor. Many things around gps, flow meter, and speed signal outputs are explained in the installation manual.

The installation manual contains things about gps speed sensor, speed signal, mounting, and speed. Here are grabbed from the installation manual:

The antenna must be located in an area with a clear view of the sky and mounted at the highest point on the vehicle in the center of the roof. 2. If the vehicle is non-metallic, attach the metal mounting plate via the Velcroâ„¢ strips. Place the antenna on the metal plate. 3. Avoid overhead metal objects that may interfere with satellite signals. 4. Avoid mounting in areas that receive excessive vibration. 5. Mount antenna away from sources of electromagnetic output such as radio antennas and electric motors.

Additionally, the installation manual explains discussion things like position, specifications, and temperature range.

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