Instruction Manual for 24J305 Sensor Circuit Option Kit

Many information regarding position sensor, pressure sensor parameters, calibration, transducer, and sensor circuit are explained inside the instruction manual. In the instruction manual the reader can read things around sensor parameters, pressure, the position sensor, pressure sensor, and calibration parameters.

The instruction manual presents info around pressure transducer, sensor, installation, pressure transducer calibration, and calibration instrument. The following are taken from the instruction manual:

To calibrate the transducer in systems using the Graco ACS Module, see the ACS manual 3A0006. Pressure sensor information (Pr 20.34, 20.35, and 20.36) for your system must be keyed into the Variable Frequency Drive before system start-up. To prevent accidental change of pressure sensor calibration parameters, they are locked by Pr 20.16. To enter calibration parameters, perform the following steps: a. Set Pr 20.16 to 777, to unlock pressure sensor parameters. 4. Calibrate the High Pressure Point as follows: a. Pressurize the system to 250 – 275 psi. Do not exceed pressure rating of the system! If system is rated to a pressure lower then 250 psi, use maximum allowable rated pressure. Refer to Operation Manual 311593.

Furthermore, the instruction manual explains more things like sensor calibration, parameters, precision pressure transducer, and transducer calibration.

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