Instruction Manual for Air Speed Sensor

In this instruction manual the reader can learn explanation such as air speed sensor, installation, and speed sensor mounting. This instruction manual presents info around speed sensor, sensor mounting, and airspeed sensor.

Lots of things about sensor assembly, airspeed, and the airspeed sensor are described inside the instruction manual. These are grabbed from this instruction manual:

2 MT1828A Air Speed Sensor Assembly Assembly Attach the Airspeed Sensor (Item 1, Figure 1) to the Mounting Bracket (Item 2) using the nuts and washers attached to the Sensor itself. Air Speed Sensor Mounting MT1828A 3 Item 1 2 3 4 Description Mounting Bracket 2×4 Board #8 Screw Hinge (Not provided) 3 Parts List Air Speed Sensor The Air Speed Sensor (Item 1, Figure 3) should be located approximately 50 feet from the Tunnel Fans, 3 feet off the floor in the center of the building.

Also, this instruction manual explains more such as sensor, and speed.

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