Instruction Manual for CS100 Barometric Pressure Sensor

In the instruction manual you can get information like campbell, pressure, temperature range, conversion factors, campbell scientific inc, performance, calibration uncertainty, and products. There are many information like hysteresis, calibration, accuracy, measurement range, range option, campbell scientific, product, and total accuracy are explained inside the instruction manual.

The instruction manual contains info like datalogger, hysteresis repeatability, barometric pressure sensor, scientific, sensor, connector, cs100, and linearity. Below are selected from this instruction manual:

The CS100 is a capacitive pressure transducer that uses the Setra’s electrical capacitor technology for barometric pressure measurements over the 600 to 1100 millibar range. The transducer’s compact and rugged polyester housing with stainless blackplate contains two closely-spaced, parallel, electricallyisolated metallic surfaces.

Giving more content, the instruction manual explains discussion around option, barometer, measurement, pressure sensor, signal, barometric pressure, repeatability, and specifications.

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