Instruction Manual for Model 014A One Wind Speed Sensor

In this instruction manual the reader can learn info regarding signal, configuration, replacement procedure, speed multiplier, and signal reference. The instruction manual contains explanation like distance, wind speed, wind speed sensor, pulse count, and sensor.

There are lots of explanation related to maintenance, speed sensor table, sensors, speed sensor, and speed are explained inside this instruction manual. The following are chosen from this instruction manual:

The 014A is a three-cup anemometer that is used to measure horizontal wind speed. Rotation of the cup wheel opens and closes a reed switch at a rate proportional to wind speed. The accompanying Met One manual contains additional information on operating principals, installation, and maintenance. Lead length for the 014A is specified when the sensor is ordered. Table 1-1 gives the recommended lead length for mounting the sensor at the top of the tripod/tower with a 019ALU or CM200 series crossarm.

Even more, this instruction manual contains discussion regarding wiring, installation, white signal reference, and white signal.

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