Instruction Manual for SR50 Sonic Ranging Sensor

In the instruction manual you can read description around compensation, measurement reliability, temperature compensation, and measurement. There are lots of discussion regarding measurement quality, ranging sensor, sensor, and distance measurement are presented in this instruction manual.

The instruction manual presents explanation around echo, echo processing, measurements, and sonic ranging sensor. The following are some excerpt from the instruction manual:

The SR50 has several output formats: SDI-12, Pulse Train, and serial ASCII output. A group of four jumpers inside the SR50 allow setting an address for SDI-12 operation or as an option setting for Pulse Train and ASCII outputs. The SR50 performs multiple echo processing regardless of output formats. The SR50 bases every measurement on several readings and applies an algorithm to improve measurement reliability. When using SDI-12 or ASCII output, up to 3 targets can be detected with the SR50 provided the difference between their height is > 0.4 meters. The distance to target readings that are obtained from the sensor are referenced from the metal mesh on the face of the transducer.

Furthermore, the instruction manual contains discussion things like sensors, distance, datalogger, and applications.

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