Instruction Manual for the 3 Axis G-Force MicroSens or

In the instruction manual the reader can get information like standalone, trigger value, sensor, mode, force trigger, and gravity. The instruction manual contains explanation regarding force microsensor, manual, standalone mode, force, power, and model.

There are many information like limitation, product instructions, axis, axis points, trigger, and acceleration are described in the instruction manual. Below are taken from the instruction manual:

The G-Sensor is a precision 3 axis accelerometer that constantly measures change in acceleration in the X, Y and Z axes. The unit of acceleration measurement is the “g,” which equals the force of gravity (9.81 m/s2). So, when the G-Sensor reads 2 g, for example, this equals 2 times the force of gravity. The GFORCE-LOWG model measures and records acceleration to at least +/- 7 g in each axis. The GFORCE-HIGHG model measures to at least +/- 38 g in the X and Y axes, and to at least +/- 7 g in the Z axis. The readings may be inaccurate if these values are exceeded. When used standalone, the G-Force sensor repeatedly displays the maximum acceleration encountered in each of its 3 axes, on the built in 7 segment LED display.

Also, the instruction manual explains discussion about force trigger value, standalone cable, systems, cable, and microsensor.

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