Instruction Manual of Model 014A Met One Wind Speed Sensor

This instruction manual presents things around instruction, multiplier, wind speed sensor, signal, wind, height, and dataloggers control ports. There are many things about installation, programming, sensor cable, pulse count instruction, cable, and sensor are presented inside this instruction manual.

Inside the instruction manual we can get things related to control, switch, dataloggers pulse channels, maintenance, control port, pulse, and products. Here are some excerpt from this instruction manual:

Locate wind sensors away from obstructions (e.g. trees and building). As a general rule of thumb there should be a horizontal distance of at least ten times the height of the obstruction between the windset and the obstruction. If it is necessary to mount the sensors on the roof of a building, the height of the sensors, above the roof, should be at least 1.5 times the height of the building. See Section 8 for a list of references that discuss siting wind speed and direction sensors. Mount the 019ALU or CM200 series crossarm to the tripod or tower. Orient the crossarm north-south, with the 3/4” Nu-Rail or CM220 on the north end. Insert the base of the 014A into the Nu-Rail or CM220 (Figures 3-1, 3-2) and tighten the set screws on the Nu-Rail, or U-bolts on the CM220 (do not over tighten).

In addition, the instruction manual presents more such as mounting, wiring, scientific dataloggers control, speed, configuration, and speed sensor.

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