Instruction Sheet for Hiniker GPS Ground Speed Sensor

In the instruction sheet the reader can get info regarding switched battery, receiver, satellite lock indicator, switched battery source, distance calibration number, speeds, threaded insert, battery source, source, applications, mounting, signal, and console power. The instruction sheet presents discussion about receivers, module, speed input, calibration procedure, wire, switch, calibration, output, satellite lock, cable, mounting location, and speed.

Lots of explanation about channel, satellite, power, magnetic mount, ground, indicator, loop, connector, battery, pin, speed sensor, position, and distance calibration are described in this instruction sheet. Here are grabbed from this instruction sheet:

The sensor should be placed as high as possible with the least obstructed view of the horizon. Placing the sensor along the centerline of the tractor cab (front to back and side to side) will provide for optimal reception when traveling on hilly ground. The sensor has a 16-foot cable that will need to be routed to the console(s) using the GPS speed sensor. Route the cable before mounting your sensor. After determining the location, select the sensor mounting method best suited for your application. magnet incorporated into
the back of the GPS sensor can be used for attaching the sensor to metal surfaces. Simply place the sensor on the metal structure and check for proper holding force. If the sensor is easily removed from the structure, then select an alternative method for mounting

Additionally, this instruction sheet explains info things like parallel channel, sensor, information, output channel, procedure, speed information, speed pulses, system, distance, location, instruction sheet, and calibration number.

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