Instruction Sheet for PASCO Model CI 9784-UVA Light Sensor

The instruction sheet presents discussion like uva light sensor, light, spectrum, and gain setting. There are many discussion such as intensity, photodiode assembly, photodiode, and uva light sensor are described in the instruction sheet.

Inside this instruction sheet the reader can learn things like radiation, ultraviolet, gain, and interface. Below are selected from this instruction sheet:

012-07185A 09/99 $1.00 Instruction Sheet for the PASCO Model CI-9784 UVA LIGHT SENSOR interface cable with 8-pin DIN connectors DIN connector 10 10 0 1 GA IN to computer interface 4 78 I-9 C VA U HTR G LINSO SE collimator CI-9784 UVA Light Sensor The UVA Light Sensor uses a fairly broad band Si Photodiode for a sensing element. • the sun (best on clear days – but some UV when overcast) • sun lamps for tanning • halogen lamps which are not “UV-protected” • fluorescent lamps Equipment INCLUDED photodiode assembly • UVA Light Sensor • UVA filter and retaining cap • collimator • 6-foot cable with 8-pin DIN connectors ADDITIONAL REQUIRED retaining cap • computer (PC or Macintosh) • Science Workshop® computer interface • Science Workshop® software version 2.2 or higher UVA filter Figure 2 Assembly of the Filter and Retaining Cap 2 UVA Light Sensor 012-07185A Using the Filter With the Collimator Mounting on an Experimental Apparatus Light

Giving more content, this instruction sheet contains discussion such as light sensor, output, sensor, and computer interface.

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