Instruction Sheet for The PASCO Model Cl-6504 Light Sensor

The instruction sheet presents discussion like interface system, sensor, and sensitivity. Lots of info such as fiber optic, and intensity are explained in this instruction sheet.

In this instruction sheet you can learn description like light sensor, and the light sensor. The following are some excerpt from this instruction sheet:

Fiber Optic Probe Setup Procedure The PASCO Model CI-6504 Light Sensor is designed to be used with a PASCO Computer Interface (e.g. Series 6500, Mac65, etc). The light sensor includes a fiber optic probe and an electronics module containing an amplifier and a selenium photocell. The photocell allows the Light Sensor to make measurements of relative light intensity. The range is 1-300 lux. Spectral response peaks at 575 nm. Additional Equipment Required: • Signal Interface, [AI-6501 (Apple®II), CI-6500 (IBM PC®), CI-6550 (Macintosh®)] Additional

In addition, this instruction sheet tells us info regarding interface, and signal interface.

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