Integrated Circuit Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor for Biomedical Instrumentation

Many things related to stresses, temperature drift, temperature, transducer, pressure, temperature compensation circuit, voltage, function, monitoring scheme, diaphragm thickness, and resistivity are explained inside this paper. This paper tells us things regarding sensor, compensation, techniques, pressure sensitivity, sensitivity, supply voltage, circuit, measurements, piezoresistors, and temperature coefficient.

Inside the paper we can get info about coefficients, processing circuitry, biomedical instrumentation, piezoresistive coefficients, mounting, piezoresistive coefficient, technique, effect, sheet resistivity, pressure sensor, and signal. Below are selected from this paper:

Some nonlinearity is observed in the pressure sensitivity of the 1.2-mm diam pressure sensor due to the nonlinear relation between the applied pressure and the stress on the diaphragm. Even with these thin diaphragms, the pressure sensitivities of all sensors realized from a processing run are usually within 15 percent of the average value, with the variations attributed to small differences in diaphragm thickness from sensor to sensor.

Also, the paper contains information about monitoring, temperature compensation, processing, scheme, piezoresistive effect, bridge unbalance, temperature stability, blood pressure, pressure transducers, and supply.

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