Integrated Current Sensor from Unitrode

In the product sh you can read info regarding mode, electrical characteristics, reference voltage, shunt resistance, fast transient, noise, package, pulse generator, signal conversion, overcurrent comparator, signal, zero current, and comparator output. Many discussion about transimpedance, programmable amplifier, current sense, overcurrent, automotive applications, current, sense element, voltage, shunt, side sensing, threshold, and temperature coefficient are explained inside the product sh.

This product sh presents discussion such as cross switch, amplifier section, critical applications, specifications, resistance, output, amplifier, currents, shunt resistor, transimpedance amplifier, input current, comparator, and common mode. The following are taken from the product sh:

The UCC3926 Current Sensor IC contains a wideband, transimpedance amplifier for converting the current through an internal, non-inductive 1.3mΩ shunt resistor into a proportional voltage. The sense element operates in both high-side (VDD referenced) and low-side (GND referenced) applications. The UCC3926 can measure currents up to
±20A. This transimpedance amplifier gain is precisely trimmed to 33.3mΩ to convert a 15A input into a 500mV output signal. It has a very low input offset voltage from chop
per-stabilization. A cross-switching block rectifies the input signal by forcing the differential output, AOP positive with respect to the other differential output, AON. SIGN indicates the polarity of the current

Also, this product sh tells the reader information around safety critical applications, ended signal conversion, cross switching, applications, temperature ranges, gain, output signal, output voltage, deceptive business, sensing, temperature, and range.

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