Integration Guide and Catalog of Interlink Electronics Force Sensor Resistor

This integration guide tells the reader explanation related to error, divider configuration, the dynamic range, oscillator, integration, gain, the sensor surface, output, circuit, sensitivity, and tolerance. Many discussion like force resolution, force, force accuracy, parameters, range, dynamic range, saturation, pressure, force repeatability, interfaces, and reference voltage are presented inside this integration guide.

In the integration guide you can read information like resolution, accuracy, voltage converter, threshold, characteristic, sensitivity range, force sensitivity, current, the output swing, voltage divider, and resistance characteristic. The following are taken from the integration guide:

The product information contained in this document is designed to provide general information and guidelines only and must not be used as an implied contract with Interlink Electronics, Inc. Acknowledging our policy of continual product development, we reserve the right to change, without notice, and detail in this publication. Since Interlink Electronics has no control over the conditions and method of use of our products, we suggest that any potential user confirm their suitability before adopting them for commercial use

Also, this integration guide explains information such as sensor, force threshold, saturation pressure, the fsr device, equation, output voltage, force distribution, force sensitivity range, response, and voltage divider configuration.

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