Intelleflex TMT-8500 Temperature Monitoring Tag

There are lots of discussion such as battery life, temperature sensing, temperature, sensing application, data logging, and memory are described inside this datasheet. This datasheet contains things like accuracy, datasheet, sensing, data, and temperature monitoring.

In this datasheet you can read description such as temperature monitoring tag, monitoring, battery, storage, and temperature sensing application. Here are excerpted from the datasheet:

The Intelleflex TMT-8500 Temperature Monitoring Tag is an XC3 Technologyâ„¢ RFID tag that combines high sensitivity temperature sensing functionality with ISO standards-based RFID wireless communications. This combined functionality provides market leading visibility, efficiency and improved ROI for perishable foods and pharmaceutical cold chain management by enabling solutions that leverage the benefits of RFID (including real time data access, long range reads, and autonomous data collection with no line of sight restriction) without impacting existing business processes. The TMT-8500 is based on the ISO C3 (ISO / IEC 18000-6:2010) and EPCglobal Gen 2 Class 1 protocols, with extended memory (60kbits) for data storage, and a microcontroller temperature sensing application.

Even more, this datasheet tells the reader discussion around time, extended memory, range, temperature range, and real time.

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