Intelligent Sensor System Lecture: Sensor Interface Circuit

In the lecture the reader can find explanation about divider, intelligent sensor systems, element, inductors, sensor systems, impedance, balance condition, and voltage. Many information related to measurement, complex number, capacitance, resistance, bridge, high pass filter, and voltage divider are described in this lecture.

This lecture gives the reader things about sensitivity, intelligent, fractional resistance, circuit, current, voltage, and charge. Below are chosen from the lecture:

Compensation in a Wheatstone bridge g Strain gauges are quite sensitive to temperature n A Wheatstone bridge and a dummy strain gauge may be used to compensate for this effect g The “active” gauge RA is subject to temperature (x) and strain (y) stimuli

Even more, this lecture tells us info about output, systems, intelligent sensor, resistance changes, wheatstone bridge, capacitor, and sensor.

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