Intelligent Speed Sensor from Jaquet Technology

Many explanation regarding vibration, output, functions, speed, wiring, frequency, axial movement, housing cable, and temperature are explained in this catalog. The catalog gives you discussion related to speed sensor, phase shift, measuring points, supply voltage, cable, level, installation, regularity, and protection class.

In the catalog we can get information like voltage, temperature measurement, operating temperature, output voltage, current, sensor, process, signal, and sensing. The following are grabbed from the catalog:

With the IQ Speed Sensor™ JAQUET has brought a new generation of speed sensors to the market place. It’s factory programmable microprocessor enables the IQ Speed Sensor ™ to perform as a complete speed sensing and monitoring solution, offering 10 different speed signal related functions – plus a temperature measurement capability. You can either select just one – or a combination of 4 functions. By sensing an involute gear wheel, IQ sensors generate speed proportional output signals and intelligent control functions. They exhibit a static characteristic, allowing guaranteed operation down to 0Hz. The IQxxA or IQxxD provides one analog or digital output, whilst the IQxxF offers 4 factory configurable digital and analog outputs including a Process Temperature Measurement.

In addition, the catalog contains discussion around housing, time constant, connection, measurement, supply, range, parameter, speed signal, and function.

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