Interfacing Techniques for Microcontroller – BiPOM Electronics

This ebook presents info about semiconductor, sensor, analog ground, thermistors, devices, sensors, rtd, and sensor interfacing. In this ebook we can get explanation like temperature range, thermocouple, converter, successive approximation adc, digital ground, digital converter, and digital converter adc.

Lots of info regarding temperature coefficient, wire, temperature sensor, microcontroller, micro controllers, sensor interfacing techniques, and interface are described in the ebook. Below are selected from the ebook:

Micro-controllers are useful to the extent that they communicate with other devices, such as sensors, motors, switches, keypads, displays, memory and even other micro-controllers. Many interface methods have been developed over the years to solve the complex problem of balancing circuit design criteria such as features, cost, size, weight, power consumption, reliability, availability, manufacturability.

In addition, this ebook tells you information around circuit design, interfacing techniques, signal, analog, adc, interfacing, and noise.

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