Interfacing Temperature Sensors with Galil products

Many things such as temperature, technology, sensors, metals, temperature range, and product are described in the application note. The application note tells the reader things such as material, motion, resistance, control, voltage, and circuit.

In the application note we can learn information such as sensor, junction, reference, temperature sensors, measurement, and application note. Here are some excerpt from this application note:

Deciding on what temperature sensor to use can be a confusing matter, so this application note will go over some common temperature sensors and show sample circuits of how to integrate each one into a standard Galil analog input. The information presented in this note can be used for any Galil controller that has analog inputs and is also valid for the RIO Pocket PLC. The LM35 temperature sensor is the easiest of all the temperature sensors to use because it is an integrated circuit that outputs a voltage proportional to the temperature in degrees Celsius. The sensor itself takes care of the non-linear effects that occur with some other sensors so the sensor input circuitry is simplified. Another benefit is that the output voltage is higher than other sensors (such as thermocouples) and therefore an amplifier circuit is not necessary.

Furthermore, this application note contains more around temperature coefficient, thermocouple, typical circuit, thermistor, and range.

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