Interfacing the DS18X20/DS1822 1-Wire® Temperature Sensor in a Microcontroller Environment

Many explanation regarding interfacing, compatible microcontroller, write time, function, time, temperature, and time slot are explained in the application note. This application note presents information such as communication, recovery time, devices, delay, sensors, duration, and bit.

Inside the application note we can get things about temperature sensor, bus, control, slot, pulse, hardware configuration, and timing. The following are selected from the application note:

This application introduces the user to simple 1-Wire software for interfacing a microcontroller to the DS18B20, DS18S20, and DS1822 1-Wire temperature sensors. For example purposes in the article, the DS5000 (8051 compatible) microcontroller is used. Software examples are given that illustrate the implementation of delay, reset, read bit, write bit, read byte, write byte, ROM search, CRC, read temperature, and read scratch pad routines. There are several methods available for interfacing 1-Wire devices such as theDS18B20,DS18S20, or DS1822 to a microcontroller. These methods range from simple software solutions, to using a Serial Interface chip such as the DS2480B, to incorporating Maxim’s VHDL 1-Wire Master Controller in a custom ASIC. This article introduces the user to the simplest possible software solution for basic 1-Wire communication between a microcontroller and any number of DS18x20 or DS1822 temperature sensors

Furthermore, this application note explains info about wire temperature sensors, read time, line, microcontroller, wire, and interface.

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