Intersil ISL29011 Datasheet : Digital Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor with Interupt Function

Lots of discussion regarding sensitivity, proximity detection, proximity, light sensor, integration time, frequency, adc’s range, the light sources, modulation, and range are presented in this datasheet. In the datasheet we can learn things about conversion, the proximity reading, the adc’s range, modulation frequency, typical performance, maximum output, detection, current consumption, and power supply.

This datasheet presents explanation regarding the proximity sensing, sensing, threshold, sensor, proximity reading, light sensing, operation mode, noise rejection, ambient light sensing, and proximity sensing. The following are taken from this datasheet:

• Ambient IR cancellation during proximity sensing – Works under direct sunlight • IR LED driver with programmable source current – Adjustable current drive from 100mA to 12.5mA • Variable conversion resolution Ambient Light Sensing • Simple output code directly proportional to lux • Adjustable sensitivity up to 65 counts per lux • Selectable range (via I2C) – Range 1 = 0.015 lux to 1,000 lux – Range 2 = 0.06 lux to 4,000 lux – Range 3 = 0.24 lux to 16,000 lux – Range 4 = 0.96 lux to 64,000 lux • Integrated 50Hz/60Hz noise rejection • Works under various light sources, including sunlight Ideal Spectral Response for Light and Proximity Sensor • Light sensor close to human eye response – Excellent light sensor IR and UV rejection • Proximity sensor range from 850nm to 950nm – Can use either 850nm or 950nm LED solution Ultra Low Power • 90µA max operating current • Software shutdown and automatic shutdown – 0.5µA max shutdown current Easy to Use • I2C (SMBus

Additionally, this datasheet contains info about ambient light, proximity sensor, infrared sensing, sensitivity range, light, adc, resolution, light sources, and the proximity detection.

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