Intersil’s Light Sensor Application Notes

The application note tells the reader explanation such as sensing, sensor, backlight, ambient illumination, design considerations, infrared, sensing application, proximity, photo transistor, and linear current amplifier. In this application note you can read information about interface, sensitivity, proximity sensor, diagram, photodiode, brightness, intensity, intersil, and ambient light sensor.

Many discussion related to noise, signal, lighting conditions, light, amplifier, power, cell, photodiode array, and sensors are described inside this application note. The following are selected from this application note:

There are a multitude of ways to sense light. The simplest optical sensor is a photo resistor. Photodiodes are the next step in complexity. When photons bombard the junction, current is produced. A photo transistor exhibits the same general characteristics as the photodiode, with the addition of current amplification. It requires more bias current and therefore has a bit more noise, but enjoys a larger lux range.

In addition, the application note explains information around application, battery life, current amplifier, adc, light sensor, power supply, design, control, and block diagram.

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