Intersil’s Light Sensors Selection Guide

Inside the selection guide you can find info like calibrated photodiode, noise cancellation, wavelength, ambient light, signal, response, control, current amplifier, interface, adc, sunlight, battery, package dimensions, proximity detection, data register, power, and sensing. There are many things regarding detection, backlight, distance, proximity, range, ambient light sensor, sensors, monitoring function, lighting conditions, ambient light sensing, sensitivity, ambient, output linearity, digital converter, process, and brightness are described inside the selection guide.

The selection guide gives us explanation like conditions, light sensor, selection, power saving, proximity sensor, voltage, devices, ambient light sensors, delay time, package, low light sensitivity, light sensors, light, data, infrared, and proximity sensing. These are some excerpt from this selection guide:

Ambient light is the surrounding environmental light that is everywhere – equally intense and with no directionality. Even though the light is equally intense, the brightness can vary greatly. “Lux” is the amount of visible light illuminating a point on a surface. Typical Lux values are given in Table 1. An ambient light sensor must be sensitive over the same range of intensities. In fact, the ambient light sensor is asked to operate beyond these extremes, especially on the dimmer side. It is not unusual that a sensor be placed inside a device where it only receives a fraction of the ambient light.

Even more, this selection guide explains information things like normalized response, system, sensor, power consumption, sensor with intelligent, block diagram, light intensity, display brightness, advanced features, intensity, light sensing, peak sensitivity, infrared light, photodiode array, photodiode, and light sensitivity.

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