Intersil’s Proximity Sensors Application Note

The application note tells us discussion around low threshold crossing, light intensity, infrared signal, infrared spectrum, spectrum, proximity sensing, characteristics, signal, component, ambient light sensing, sensors, proximity response, distance, sensing, delay, integration, byte, register, angle, and wavelength. Inside this application note the reader can read information regarding light sources, reflected infrared signal, detection distance, low, proximity sensor, ‘operation, barrier, peak wavelength, light, system, flow chart, photo detector, integrated digital, application, ambient light, sensing object, sensing system solution, design, and solution.

Many explanation around reflected infrared, ambient, object, intensity, peak sensitivity, application, algorithm, current, driver, signal intensity, proximity detection, bit, threshold, bytes, light sensor, high threshold, mechanical design, proximity response curve, measurement, and detector are explained in this application note. These are selected from this application note:

As ambient light sensors play an increasingly important role in our lives, proximity sensing becomes a simple and inexpensive companion that enables a wide range of the applications to make our daily life easier. Proximity sensing based upon infrared signal detection requires two parts: infrared LED and infrared sensor. The
infrared LED emits infrared signal to the sensing object, a portion of that signal bounces
back from the surface of sensing object, these reflected infrared signal was then
captured by the infrared sensor.

In addition, the application note gives you information about detection, application note, calculated proximity, time, sensor, sensing system, sensing solution, photodiode array, infrared sensor, infrared signal intensity, lower threshold, response, proximity, sensitivity, infrared sensing, digital ambient, sensing phase, ambient light sensor, and infrared.

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