Journal About 950 MHz Rectifier Circuit for Sensor Network Tags with 10m Distance

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Many information around circuits, measurement, sensor network, networks, communication systems, communication, and the power transmission are presented inside this journal. The following are chosen from this journal:

This paper presents a 950-MHz wireless power transmission system and a high-sensitivity rectifier circuit for ubiquitous sensor network tags. The wireless power transmission offers a battery-life-free sensor tag by recharging the output power of a base station into a secondary battery implemented with the tag. For realizing the system, a high-sensitivity rectifier with dynamic gate-drain biasing has been developed in a 0.3- m CMOS process. The measurement results show that the proposed rectifier can recharge a 1.2-V secondary battery over 14-dBm input RF power at a power conversion efficiency of 1.2%. In the proposed wireless system, this sensitivity corresponds to 10-m distance communication at 4-W output power from a base station.

Additionally, the journal presents info things like waveforms, wireless data transmission, threshold voltage, the recharge measurement, data transmission, and wireless data.

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