Keller, Piezoresistive OEM Pressure Tranduscers

Inside this datasheet you can learn explanation such as characteristics, pressure sensor, pressure transducer, and sensitivity. There are lots of info about transducer, piezoresistive, and pressure ranges are explained inside this datasheet.

This datasheet contains explanation around pressure, linearity, and calibration. Below are some excerpt from this datasheet:

zero error, in mV, with compensation resistors Compensation resistor values R1 / R2 and R3 / R4 Offset with compensation resistors R1/ R2 and R3 / R4 fitted (fine adjustment of zero with R5 potentiometer) Ambient pressure, zero reference for absolute sensors < 20 bar Sensitivity of pressure sensor Pressure test points Signal at pressure test points Linearity (best straight line through zero) Linearity (best straight line) Results of long term stability Lot (on request, identification of silicon chip) Voltage insulation test Excitation (constant current) Date of test --------Test equipment Remarks: – The indicated specifications only apply for constant current supply.

Also, the datasheet contains information regarding ranges, compensation resistors, and compensation.

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