KMI15/4 Rotational Speed Sensor Datasheet

Inside the datasheet you can learn explanation around eddy current effects, absolute maximum rating, ambient temperature, product specification, pitch diameter, sensing distance, speed, magnetoresistive sensor, application circuit, and protection. There are lots of info like semiconductors product specification, tooth frequency, output, distance, sensor positioning, signal, positional tolerance, application, and circuit are explained inside the datasheet.

This datasheet contains information such as function, module, pulse, sensor, integrated circuit, rotational speed sensor, sensing, sensor element, and specification. The following are chosen from this datasheet:

The sensor consists of a magnetoresistive sensor element, a signal conditioning integrated circuit in bipolar technology and a ferrite magnet. The frequency of the digital current output signal is proportional to the rotational speed of a gear wheel.

Even more, this datasheet explains info such as output signal, temperature, data, design, speed sensor, supply voltage, magnetic field, protection circuit, and schmitt trigger.

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