KMI16/1 Integrated Rotational Speed Sensor-Datasheet

Inside the datasheet you can learn explanation related to speciļ¬cation, the magnetoresistive sensor, and magnetoresistive sensor. The datasheet gives the reader information such as sensing distance, sensor, and rotational speed.

There are many information related to distance, application, and operating temperature are described inside this datasheet. Below are chosen from this datasheet:

The KMI16/1 sensor detects rotational speed of ferrous gear wheels and reference marks. PIN SYMBOL DESCRIPTION 1 VCC DC supply voltage 2 Vout open collector output 3 The sensor consists of a magnetoresistive sensor element, a signal conditioning integrated circuit in bipolar technology and a ferrite magnet. GND ground The frequency of the digital current output signal is proportional to the rotational speed of the target wheel. handbook, halfpage The open collector (OC) output allows for a high degree of flexibility in the design of subsequent conditioning electronics.

Additionally, the datasheet presents information such as magnetoresistive sensor element, rotational speed sensor, and module.

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