KMI17/4 Rotational Speed Sensor Datasheet

The datasheet contains information like output signal, signal, output frequency, ambient temperature, sensor, speed sensor, and offset compensation. There are lots of discussion around speed, device, specification, functional diagram, automotive applications, applications, and output are described in this datasheet.

Inside this datasheet the reader can get explanation regarding voltage, application, temperature, current, circuit, supply voltage, and encoder. Here are grabbed from this datasheet:

When supply voltage has been applied between terminals VCC and GND, all circuit parts of the KMI17/4 are set into a defined initial state. The offset control unit instantly applies an offset compensation voltage to the signal input. It is derived from the respective content of the non-volatile memory and the device temperature. The device then enters the normal operation mode. 5.2.2 Normal operation mode During normal operation mode, the temperature-dependent offset is continuously compensated, based on the actual chip temperature. For signal frequencies greater than 1 Hz, the offset compensation changes only by 1 bit per signal period. Therefore, additional jitter is limited. For frequencies below 1 Hz offset changes are compensated instantly.

Also, this datasheet presents info such as magnetic offset, offset, characteristics, rotational speed sensor, performance, and supply current.

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