Laser Displacement Sensor Z4M from OMRON

Lots of information related to current, intelligent panel, warning lights, angle inclination, output voltage, output current, positioned object, stability indicator, offset, lit, inclined object, measuring operation, laser displacement, supply, emission, laser safety, power supply, ceramic object, measurement range, point distance, displacement, amplifier, radiation, wire, laser, input, and panel meter are explained inside the technical manual. In this technical manual you can get explanation such as reflection ratio, laser beam, timing input, output impedance, cross section, plate inclination, reflection, indicators, voltage, sensing distance, sensing, distance, object inclination, standard distance, inclination, intelligent panel meter, response speed, object inclination angle, beam, measurement, linear output, laser displacement sensor, reflection inclination angle, panel, excessive light reflection, shielded cable, and span adjustment.

The technical manual presents explanation related to digital panel, safety, ceramic, inclination angle, standard, sensor, laser emission, output, connector, mounting holes, obliquely positioned object, cable, time, intelligent, value, power, extension cable, laser radiation, range, application, span adjuster, response time, indicator, spot diameter, positioned object inclination, offset adjustment, and line. Here are selected from the technical manual:

The FAR green indicator and NEAR green indicator will be lit when the object is within the measurement range of the Sensor. When the object is outside the measurement range or in the case of insufficient or excessive light, both the NEAR and FAR indicators will blink. If the object is near the Sensor but within the measurement range, only the NEAR indicator will blink. Mount the Sensor so that both the NEAR indicator and FAR indicator will be lit when the object is placed in front of the Sensor. To alert the user that the laser beam is turned ON when the laser OFF input is turned OFF, the NEAR indicator and FAR indicators act as laser warning lights.

Additionally, this technical manual explains more things like spot, speed, response, resolution, adjustor span, measurement point, adjustment, preceding table, point, rolled steel plate, angle, operation, ceramic black, light, steel, sensitivity, object, paper, selector, measurement point distance, residual voltage, excessive light, steel plate, displacement sensor, light reflection, plate, and terminal.

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