Laser Measurement Sensor AccuRange 200

Inside the user manual you can get description such as point, serial, current loop, operation, measured distance, calibrated output, power signal, measurement point, signal, wire, numeric parameter, wire connections, function, and voltage. Lots of information regarding accuracy, power signal cable, product, transmission, factory, measurement, light elimination, mode, control, measurement range, sample rate, current, switch, and supply are presented in the user manual.

This user manual contains information regarding configuration settings, current loop output, direction, information, ambient light, lines, button code, signal cable, sample interval, power, range, switches, span point, and cable. Here are chosen from this user manual:

The AR200 sensor is typically installed by affixing the sensor to a machined bracket with bolts through the two mounting holes in the sensor. These holes are 3 mm in diameter and their location is shown in the mechanical drawing above. Laser light is emitted from the top of the rectangular window, closest to the “Laser Radiation” placard. An illustration of how light is emitted is shown below. This laser device should not be aimed at human eye. Installers of laser sensors shouldfollow precautions set forth by CFR 1040.10 or by their local safety oversight organization.

Also, this user manual gives you more around sensor, output, interface, configuration, hardware, harmful interference, serial communications, nonvolatile memory, command code, ground, configuration data, byte, and power supply.

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