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Inside this product guide you can read description regarding measurements, measuring frequency, protection class, diode wavelength, rate, light intensity, switch settings, housing material, angle dependency, ethernet, electronics, measurement error, adjustable switching points, sampling, switching, pulsed laser, pulsed laser diode, output, object, digital output, sensor head, error, adjustable switching, switch, settings, and operating temperature sensor. Many things regarding point, pass filter, ethernet interface, cable, temperature drift, filter setting, technical drawing, contaminated environments, distance, thresholds, temperature, optional housing material, switching hysteresis, objects, surface, sample rate, cable external, signal quality, isolation voltage, reflected light, signal, measuring, function, voltage, solderable test, and sampling rate are explained in the product guide.

The product guide presents discussion related to factory setting, range, sensor cable, frequency, light spot, switch filter, linearity error, switching current, ambient temperatures, setting, filter, electronics unit, signal output, external electronics, light source, aluminium protection class, dynamic measurements, light switching, laser class, transmitted data, surface reflection, sensor, cable external electronics, trigger, measurement, and resolution. Below are excerpted from the product guide:

The optical position measuring system LAM is used in touchless measurement applications. LAM distance sensors are available in various models so as to offer the suitable sensor type for any application. Due to the high measuring frequency of up to 100 kHz this series is particularly suited for highly dynamic measurements. This high resolution of up to 0.05 ┬Ám guarantees reliable use in sophisticated measurements in quality control.

Additionally, this product guide explains info things like output impedance, temperature sensor head, permissible vibration, series, protective housing, linearity, time, operating temperature, laser diode, light, supply, measurement errors, measuring point, switching points, beam, diffuse reflection, technical data, data, housing, laser, cutoff frequency, reflection, intensity, reflective surfaces, response time, and aluminium protection.

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