Laser Triangulation Displacement Sensors from Micro Epsilon

Inside the product guide the reader can find info around integrated controller, controller, beam, optical displacement, measuring range, product, systems, measuring rate, laser triangulation, precision, laser sensors, measurement, target compensation, data, sensors, output, and rate. Lots of things such as technical data, surface compensation, surface, time surface compensation, interface, thickness, flex cables, target, real time control, displacement, laser displacement measurement, structured surfaces, laser beam, compensation, displacement sensors, and laser are presented in the product guide.

This product guide tells us explanation regarding highest precision, speed, conventional laser, data acquisition, cables, blue laser technology, time shift control, real time, triangulation principle, adjustable filter functions, laser triangulation sensors, rated cable, time shift, acquisition, integration, and range. Below are taken from the product guide:

The optoNCDT product group represents the highest precision in laser-based optical displacement and position measurement. Laser-based optical displacement sensors measure from a large distance to the target using a very small spot which enables measurements on the very small parts. The large measurement distance in turn enables measurements to be taken against difficult target surfaces such as hot metals. The non-contact principle enables wear-free measurements as the sensors are not subject to any physical contact with the target. Furthermore, the laser triangulation principle is ideal for very fast measurements with high accuracy and resolution.

Even more, the product guide contains information regarding control, triangulation, configuration, filter, resolution, technology, laser displacement, production, triangulation sensors, reflection, thickness measurement, light, processing, high speed measurement, applications, and element.

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