Light Sensor Tutorial for Lego Robot

The tutorial presents things like balloon challenge, program, cutoff brightness, input, measure, and action. Inside the tutorial you can learn description such as sensor, challenge, tools palette, robot, and brightness.

Many information related to boundary, modifiers, port, computer, and light sensor are presented in this tutorial. These are taken from the tutorial:

Lego Robot Tutorials Light Sensors Light Sensors for Robot Games In this activity, you will use a light sensor to play a balloon popping game. The Light Sensor You use the light sensor to tell light from dark. You can use a light sensor and the Wait for Dark function to do this: The part in the box means: wait until the light sensor on input value less than . 4 Light Sensor Tips Notice the small light source built into the light. TV camera lights, camera flashes, sunlight, and overhead lights can affect the light sensor in competitions.

Even more, this tutorial gives you info about brightness value, function, light, sensors, and light levels.

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