Line Guide for Honeywell Force Sensors

This Line Guide tells you explanation regarding mounting, ratiometric, system accuracy, sensing, mounting stresses, piezoresistive, equipment, potential industrial applications, tension control robotic, effectors, force sensor, low voltage supply, operating temperature, and sensor. In the Line Guide the reader can read info around resistance, measurement, detection, temperature, potential applications, operating temperature range, tension, range, ratiometricity error, temperature range, pressure, mounting stresses potential, and force.

Lots of discussion like sensitivity, supply voltage, piezoresistive output, sensors, element, overforce, ratiometric output, applications, measurement error, error, force sensors, sensing variable, accuracy, and sensor output are explained inside this Line Guide. Here are chosen from the Line Guide:

30 µm typical at full scale) • Direct mechanical coupling of the actuation ball to the sense element • 20 million MCTF at 25 °C [77 °F] (subject to application variation) • Small size • Enhanced sensitivity without compromising signal integrity • Electrically ratiometric output • Low voltage supply • High resistance to electrostatic discharge (ESD) Classification Level 3B (8 KV) • Sensor output has low sensitivity to many mounting stresses Features: Silicon pressure/force interface diaphragm • Force measurement for potential infusion pump applications • Pressure measurement for liquid media • Medical-grade materials • 8-pin DIP electrical connection • Laser trimmed • Choice of voltage or constant current excitation • Temperature compensated Benefits: Surface Mount Technology allows for automated assembly and may eliminate hand soldering.

Giving more content, the Line Guide explains discussion about voltage supply, benefits, system, application, compression sensing, supply, signal conditioning, current, force sensors, errors, tension control, output, and enhanced sensitivity.

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