Linear Current Sensors CS Series from Honeywell

Inside this product guide we can learn info such as fast response, current sensing, sensitivity, current, control, output, dc supply current, printed circuit, loop current, operating temperature range, open loop, and linear current. There are lots of info about minimum energy dissipation, response time, monitoring, sensor, board, response, source, printed circuit board, linear, current sensor, and energy dissipation are presented inside this product guide.

The product guide tells you info regarding loop, temperature compensation, sensor flux collector, offset shift, sensing, open loop current, temperature, sensing element, offset, fast response time, circuit board, and source output. Below are taken from the product guide:

MICRO SWITCH CS series linear current sensors incorporate our 91SS12-2 and SS94A1 linear output Hall effect transducer (LOHETTM). The sensing element is assembled in a printed circuit board mountable housing. This housing is available in four configuration as shown in mounting dimension figures 1, 1a, 2 and 2a. Normal mounting is with 0.375 inch long 4-40 screw and square nut (not provided) inserted in the housing or a 6-20 self-tapping screw. The combination of the sensor, flux collector, and housing comprises the holder assembly. These sensors are ratiometric.

Furthermore, this product guide presents discussion things like sink source, temperature range, current monitoring, mount, voltage, operating temperature, supply current, linear current sensors, supply, effect, and hall effect.

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