LM10 : A Micro Laser Sensor to Detect Displacement

This product sheet presents explanation like comparative output, voltage output, current, measurement, mutual interference prevention, resolution, analog, laser, response, beam, analog output, single comparator type, displacement data, single comparator, high precision, timing, laser emission, display, and comparative timing. There are many information such as laser beam, mutual interference, connector, sensor, shielding, beam spot, selection, less residual voltage, intermediate cable, indicator, interference, input, target, temperature, detection, mounting, monitor, value, and cable are explained in the product sheet.

Inside the product sheet you can get info around displacement, cable length, comparative value setting, switch, sensor head, extension cable, gain, comparative timing input, comparative value, comparator type, intensity, measuring range indicator, laser sensor, micro, position, residual voltage, range, analog displacement, and measurement center distance. Here are selected from the product sheet:

Part of the light rays which come from the target object by means of diffuse reflection produce a light spot on the position sensing device (PSD). This light spot varies depending on the displacement of the target object. By measuring the fluctuations in the light spot, LM10 can measure the distance of the target object. LM10
uses the single-channel IC, which reduces the dual-channel processing requirement of conventional products to a single channel.

Additionally, this product sheet tells us more about laser displacement sensor, ambient temperature, voltage, circuit, supply, micro laser displacement, sensing characteristics, comparator, analog displacement output, micro laser sensor, light, controller, displacement output, displacement sensor, output, data, limit setting potentiometer, and power supply.

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