LM110 LIght Sensor’s Installation Manual

Lots of info related to light detecting element, threshold, and the wireless transmitter are presented inside this installation manual. Inside this installation manual the reader can get info about installation, light, and firmware.

The installation manual gives us information regarding mounting, sensor, and transition. These are taken from this installation manual:

INST ALLA TION SHEET LM110 Light Sensor Description The DMP Model LM110 is a wireless Light Sensor used with the XR200, XR2400F, and XR200-485 Command Processorâ„¢ Panels. The DMP Model LM110 Light Sensor detects changes in the amount of light in the surrounding area and reports to the central station if the light falls below a determined level. Light Module Interaction Two light sensors work together to measure the level of light illumination.

Additionally, the installation manual explains info about light sensor, transmitter, and wireless transmitter.

Download LM110 LIght Sensor’s Installation Manual pdf
File size: 0.126 MB, number of pages: 4, download server: buy.dmp.com
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