LM135,LM235, and LM335 : Precision Temperature Sensors

Inside this datasheet the reader can find info related to ratings, precision temperature sensors, dynamic impedance, diagram, output voltage, uncalibrated temperature, resistance, accuracy, thermal response, sensor, and applications. Lots of explanation about thermal resistance, junction, output, calibration, range, error, absolute maximum ratings, maximum ratings, application information, calibrated error, and temperature accuracy are explained inside this datasheet.

This datasheet tells us explanation around temperature range, application, compensation, reel, heating, electrical characteristics, errors, reverse current, temperature, response, and absolute temperature. These are chosen from the datasheet:

The LM135, LM235, LM335 are precision temperature sensors which can be easily calibrated. They operate as a 2-terminal Zener and the breakdown voltage is directly proportional to the absolute temperature at 10mV/°K. The circuit has a dynamic impedance of less than 1Ω and operates within a range of current from 450μA to 5mA without alteration of its characteristics. Calibrated at +25°C, the LM135, LM235, and LM335 have a typical error of less than 1°C over a 100°C temperature range. Unlike other sensors, the LM135, LM235, LM335 have a linear output.

Giving more content, this datasheet tells you more about current, conditions, schematic diagram, impedance, voltage, uncalibrated temperature error, precision temperature, constant, circuit, and temperature sensors.

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