LM75 : Digital Temperature Sensor and Thermal Watchdog

There are lots of explanation related to temperature response diagram, line, power, current, data, temperature sensor, digital, thermal resistance, register, time, and interrupt mode are explained inside the product sheet. Inside the product sheet the reader can get information around supply, accuracy, bus, voltage, configuration, circuit, printed circuit board, pointer register, interface, byte, and registers.

The product sheet presents things around system, temperature register, shutdown mode, surface temperature, significant bits, mode, comparator interrupt mode, input, output, sensor, and output temperature response. These are grabbed from this product sheet:

The LM75 is a temperature sensor Delta-Sigma analog-todigital converter and digital over-temperature detector with I2C interface The host can query the LM75 at any time to read temperature The open-drain Overtemperature Shutdown (O S ) output becomes active when the temperature exceeds a programmable limit This pin can operate in either ‘‘Comparator’’ or ‘‘Interrupt’’ mode The host can program both the temperature alarm threshold (TOS) and the temperature at which the alarm condition goes away (THYST) In addition the host can read back the contents of the LM75’s TOS and THYST registers

Also, the product sheet explains info about supply voltage, bit, temperature response, thermal watchdog, comparator, package, temperature, supply current, clock, apply, and condition.

Download LM75 : Digital Temperature Sensor and Thermal Watchdog pdf
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