LM75B, LM75C : Digital Temperature Sensor and Thermal Watchdog with Two-Wire Interface

Lots of things related to quiescent current, current, stand alone mode, electrical characteristics, comparator mode, temperature, temperature response, response diagram, low pass filter, accuracy, bit, and level are explained in the datasheet. In the datasheet we can learn things such as conversion, digital converter characteristics, register, specifications, power, temperature response diagram, printed circuit, noisy environments, byte, feedback, and comparator.

This datasheet contains information about data, device, supply, wire interface, components, thermal resistance, circuit board, input, resistor, quality level, and bus. These are taken from this datasheet:

The LM75B and LM75C are industy-standard digital temperature sensors with an integrated Sigma-Delta analog-to-digital converter and I2C interface. The LM75 provides 9-bit digital temperature readings with an accuracy of ±2°C from -25°C to 100°C and ±3°C over -55°C to 125°C. Communication is accomplished over a 2-wire interface which operates up to 400kHz. The LM75 has three address pins, allowing up to eight LM75 devices to operate on the same 2-wire bus. The LM75 has a dedicated over-temperature output (O.S.) with programmable limit and hystersis. This output has programmable fault tolerance, which allows the user to define the number of consecutive error conditions that must occur before O.S. is activated. The wide temperature and supply range and I2C interface make the LM75 ideal for a number of applications including base stations, electronic test equipment, office electronics, personal computers, and any other system where thermal management is critical to performance.

Even more, this datasheet explains more about circuit, outgoing quality level, time, interrupt mode, open drain output, supply voltage, supply voltage range, voltage range, instruments, voltage, and products.

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