Long-life Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Instruction Manual (Thomton 357-110 and 367-110)

Lots of information such as probe, dissolved oxygen sensor, oxygen, and maintenance are described in the user manual. The user manual gives us discussion like oxygen sensor, pure water, sample, and flow chamber.

Inside the user manual we can learn explanation like shipping storage chamber, dissolved oxygen, installation, and storage chamber. These are chosen from the user manual:

from air calibration, dependent on air exposure 0 – 10,000 ppb (µg/L) with auto-ranging Weight: System Accuracy: Response Time: Measurement Range: SPARE PARTS & ACCESSORIES Maintenance kit with seven membranes, o-rings, electrolyte and membrane change tool (included with probe) 91008 Replacement probe & preamp for 2000 Instrument 367-001 Replacement probe & preamp for 770MAX Instrument 357-001 Replacement flow chamber 17461 Replacement probe gasket 27235 357-110 & 367-110 DO Sensors – 84403 7 OXYGEN SOLUBILITY ALTITUDE VS PRESSURE Air-saturated water at 1 atmosphere, 760 mmHg If calibration is performed at high elevations and a barometer is not available, this table provides an approximate atmospheric pressure setting.

Even more, the user manual explains discussion around shipping storage, calibration, instrument, and sensor.

Download Long-life Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Instruction Manual (Thomton 357-110 and 367-110) pdf
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