Low Cost and Low Power Micro Force Sensor

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This Force Sensor provide precise force sensing performance and it has unique features of very low power consumption and very small dimensions fully integrable by deposition on the stressed surface which is monitored. The low power, unamplified, non compensated Wheatstone bridge circuit design provide variable sensitivity up to 3 of gauge factor consuming 60 mW. This low power operation ensures realisation of Force/Pressure wireless measurement with good linearity on wide set of materials like glass, ceramic, stainless steel, plastic and flexible materials (Kapton). Furthermore, the manufacturing processes based on deposition (CVD) avoiding the use of glue for the sensor installation permits to realise complex array of sensing elements in only production step also on non-planar surfaces (curvilinear profile).

In addition, the technical note contains info regarding sensor technology, current, gauge, measurement, bending momentum, micro force, output, reliability, circuit, force sensing, feedback, linearity, and strain.

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