Low-Cost Current Sensor for Power Capacitors Based on a PCB Rogowski-Coil

This paper presents discussion about capacitor, bus, sensor, winding, transducer, capacitors power, electronic converters, inductance, and current transducers. There are lots of information such as current, power electronic converters, sensitivity, coupling inductance, voltage, circuit, frequency, and current sensor are presented in this paper.

In the paper you can get description about signal, coil, converter, power terminals, power capacitor, power, monitoring, and standard. Here are some excerpt from the paper:

The paper presents a low-cost current sensor for power capacitors in power electronic converters, especially for DC link electrolytic capacitors of PWM converters. The sensor is based on a Rogowskicoil which is implemented very cost-effectively using a small standard printed circuit board (PCB) located directly at the capacitor terminals. Due to the measuring principle the output signal inherently is isolated from the power capacitor circuit. The required signal integration (being typical for Rogowski transducers) is performed by frequency separation (passive/active integration) using a low-cost operational amplifier located directly on the PCB. The presented unit aims to life-cycle monitoring systems of electrolytic capacitors and allows the implementation of such systems without modifying the original bus-bar wiring of the capacitor.

Giving more content, this paper gives the reader info around capacitor current, output, systems, amplifier, power electronic, monitoring systems, monitoring unit, and shunt.

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