Low-Power Intelligent Sensor Hardware Interface

Many information around station, power consumption, power intelligent sensor, power, sensor networks, overall power consumption, thresholding algorithm, network traffic, output, wireless sensor networks, monitoring, serial communication, application, system, design, and medical data preprocessing are presented inside the paper. In this paper we can learn things around sampling rate, programming, information technology, threshold, rate, data, transmission rate, packet, packets, signal array, input, sensor, sampled cardiac signal, peripheral, data rate, and comparator.

The paper presents things regarding restrictions, data transmission, sensor nodes, transmission, threshold value, chip, computational capabilities, analog blocks, consumption, cardiac monitoring, current consumption, physiological monitoring, monitoring system, medical data, interval, and base station. Here are grabbed from the paper:

Lowering the transmission data rate decreases the transmission power consumption in a node, thereby lengthening the node life and in turn increasing the reliability of the network. This work also implements a thresholding technique, which controls the data transmission rate depending on the value of the monitored signal, and a cardiac monitoring system that performs computations at the node for the detection of either a skipped heart beat or a reduced heart rate variability, in which event the signal is transmitted to the base station for monitoring/recording or alerting the crew. The performance analysis of the system shows that there are reductions in the system power consumption and data transmission rate, which in turn reduces the network traffic and averts congestion.

In addition, the paper contains discussion things like signal, hardware interface, networks, analog comparator, bit, sampled data, data transmission rate, implementation, sensor readings, cardiac signal, application code, clock, transmission data, network, and wireless sensor.

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